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Holidays Liguria Italy Holidays Liguria Italy Liguria Holiday, Holidays Liguria Italy

Liguria Holiday, Holidays Liguria Italy


There are images, that have the power to make the atmosphere so deeply enjoy, using simply a description. These pictures are for example the white curtain of a fishing boat rocking on the sea, the sun, that smashes against hard cliffs, the terraces with a scent of basil and aromatic herbs, colored small houses, joined together by washing lines, a cat peeking through an alley, the scent of “focaccia”, an essential dialect and a small square where people can stop and have a look at the sea, while they are eating an ice-cream. All that is Liguria. It a place painted by colorful chalks on a winding seafront. You can discover this place only day by day and every day is so unique that creates a sort of indissoluble connection.
Who loves this region, comes very often and the ideal thing would be to spend the holiday in the privacy of a home: this opportunity is represented by Liguria Apartments in Deiva Marina (SP) in the stretch between the Gulf of the poets and the Gulf of Tigullio and they are also close one of the rare beach on the east Riviera. It a precious patch between Portofino, the Cinque Terre, Portovenere and Lerici. You can appreciate it in any season. This area is famous for the beach, the walks in the Cinque Terre, the mild and temperate climate, a gastronomy, that is famous all over the world for “pesto”, “farinata”, “focaccia”, the breathtaking and original routes both for motorbike and for cycle. Moreover this area is located near the biggest European Aquarium and historical towns. These opportunities are really countless and they are adapted to every age and to every period of the year.

Holidays Liguria Italy Liguria Holiday
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